Aquatech Aquariums specializes in custom aquariums, their design and maintenance. We can create a unique aquarium for you, or maintain one that you have had previously installed. There are new materials available that allow aquarium designers to create wonderful, interesting new shapes.

There are many shapes that can be chosen. You can select spherical, “bubble” tanks of several sizes. You could also request the tank be cylindrical, which would allow you to walk all the way around it. You could even have the tank built to fit a specific space in the office or home.


Sometimes when someone is contemplating a new aquarium for their home or office, even though they really want a uniquely shaped tank, they choose a conventional rectangular one because they worry about maintenance issues. But in using an aquarium maintenance service, who have experts capable of dealing with tanks of any shape, the ambitious aquarium owner can choose any exciting tank for their office or home.

Custom aquariums with unique designs require attentive maintenance.

The odd shapes of custom aquariums can provide challenges to the person doing the maintenance work. Keeping the sides of the tank clean, for instance may be a challenge if the shape is unusual. If the tank has live plants, it is also important that they stay healthy.

Whatever design you choose, if you also decide to hire a maintenance service, you will know that your attractive fish will be well taken care of. The conditions of the tank will always be maintained properly for the health of your fish.

Choosing an expert aquarium maintenance service can address these concerns. At Aquatech Aquariums, this is one of our specialties. We can provide you with ease of mind by taking on all the challenges of a uniquely shaped aquarium.