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Aquarium Maintenance & Servicing

An aquarium is a lovely thing to have in your home or office. There is something very soothing in the motions of the fish as they glide about their environment. There is, however, one major challenge that can intimidate many potential fish-keepers, and that is the matter of  aquarium maintenance. To someone new to the world of aquarium fish, there may be a vague awareness of tasks to be done, but uncertainly about what they are specifically. The expert team from Aquatech Aquariums can help you understand these matters.

Keeping the Habitat Alive
The primary objective of aquarium maintenance is to make sure that the habitat is kept balanced for the needs of the fish and other live creatures that may be included. There are several factors that have to be monitored on a regular basis: chemical balances in the water, oxygen and nitrogen levels, the presence of animal waste products. Additionally, the mechanical aspects of the tank’s equipment have to be checked to make sure they are functioning correctly. If you find these factors intimidating, you can seek to be instructed in what you need to do, or you might consider hiring the professionals at Aquatech aquarium maintenance to maintain your aquarium.

Saltwater versus Freshwater
Depending on the type of water habitat in your tank, you need to know different details on types of chemical balance. One of the primary distinctions is that of the salinity of the water, meaning how much salt content is in the water. If you own a freshwater aquarium, the salinity level will be below 500 parts per million. A saltwater aquarium, on the other hand, will have a salt content of 30,000 to 40,000 parts per million. To keep your aquarium environment balanced, you need to be able to monitor this.

For saltwater aquariums, you also need to consider the pH balance of the water. The water in a marine aquarium will be on the alkaline end of the acidicity scale. Each aquarium fish species may prefer a different degree of alkalinity. Monitoring this is important for the health of your fish. Aquatech experts can help you determine the specific needs of your fish and how you can maintain the balance of your water’s salinity.

Watching the Balances
In addition to keeping track of the salinity balance in the water, an aquarium owner needs to monitor the oxygen and nitrogen levels in the water. Making sure the water stays aerated means making sure the air and circulation pumps work adequately. The air pumps guarantee that there is enough oxygen in the water for the fish. The fish do need oxygen, after all.

Monitoring the presence of nitrogen in the water is also very important. The nitrogen comes from the waste of the inhabitants of the aquarium. The fish and other tank residents excrete ammonia, a form of nitrogen waste. This can be toxic to the fish. Therefore, proper maintenance is absolutely necessary to keep your fish healthy in their home. When you turn to Aquatech Aquarium Services, you can be certain that we will help you perform these tasks, either by offering instruction for you to do the maintenance yourself, or through our maintenance services.

Maintaining the Equipment
Various pieces of equipment are necessary for effective operation of your aquarium. Some of the equipment needed depends on the type of aquarium (freshwater or saltwater), some depends on the size and shape, whether a standard small rectangular tank or one that is a custom aquarium design.

  • Filter – the filter removes particles and impurities from the water, helping to keep the water clean
  • Air pump – an air pump helps circulate the air in the tank as well as add oxygen to the water
  • Siphon
  • Water pump – circulates the water in the aquarium
  • Heater – when keeping tropical fish, it may be necessary to heat the tank to the proper temperature for the species chosen
  • Gravel vacuum – when the aquarium uses gravel for a substrate on the bottom of the tank, you may need a vacuum to collect waste products that sink into the gravel

If you feel overwhelmed by these possibilities, consult with the experts at Aquatech Aquarium Services. We can help you determine which devices are necessary for your aquarium. We can help you learn how to maintain these crucial elements of your system, or you can discuss with us the option of our regular maintenance services.

Aquatech Aquarium Services offers a by-contract aquarium cleaning service for homes and businesses. By selecting our services, you can feel confident that your aquarium will be properly attended to, no matter the level of your own mastery of maintenance.

Healthy Fish are Happy Fish
The thing to keep in mind about aquarium maintenance is that making sure this basic maintenance work is done regularly, your fish will remain healthy. Animals in good health stay active and engaged in their habitat. For the aquarium owner, that means that you will have hours of pleasure watching them circulate through their home. Selecting friendly, professional and expert aquarium service can help you get many years of enjoyment from your aquarium.

Aquatech Aquarium Services can meet your needs, whether you want a small tank or a special custom aquarium. Contact us today to consult about your ideal fish tank.

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