Aquarium Maintenance Service

We provide for all of your aquarium service and maintenance
needs, including custom aquarium design and installation,
cleaning and care for your aquatic pets, as well as sales and
delivery of fish and supplies from our aquarium store.

Fresh & Saltwater Aquariums

We design, install, and maintain all types of freshwater and
saltwater aquariums. With our scheduled cleaning service
you’ll never have to worry about the cleanliness of your tank or
the health of your fish. We can provide all of the supplies you

Aquarium Sales

We provide custom aquarium design and installation services
for your home or business. Our aquarium installation service
can help you design the best saltwater or freshwater aquarium
for your space and will stock it with your choice of
eye-catching fish and décor.

Tropical Aquarium Fish

We offer a wide range of tropical saltwater and freshwater fish
for sale and delivery to your home or business, let us know
what you’re looking for and we’ll help you find the perfect
companion for your aquarium!

Koi Pond Maintenance

Call us today to schedule pond maintenance service for your
indoor or outdoor koi pond. We keep your fish happy and
healthy, and your pond looking clean and beautiful. Thinking
about adding a pond? Call us today to discuss design and
installation options.

Your Local Fish Store

Call us today for aquarium maintenance and cleaning service,
or to place an order and schedule delivery from our tropical
fish store. We can help you decide which plants and animals
will thrive in your aquarium environment, and deliver them
right to your door!

Custom Aquariums & Ponds, Installation, Sales & Service

Aquarium Maintenance

Aquatech provides pond and aquarium maintenance and services including custom designs, maintenance and installation of aquatic habitats such as saltwater and freshwater aquariums and ponds.

Aquarium Sales

We will help you design your next aquarium or pond. We will work with you through every step of the design process to assure you receive most desirable custom aquarium or pond of your dreams.

Rare Tropical Fish

I bet you haven’t seen fish like these before! We have access to the rarest, most tropical fish on the planet. We will help you acquire the most beautiful fish for your aquarium or pond. Give us a call now.

Known for Our Service & Dependability

Aquatech Decorative Aquariums was formed in 1989 as a premium aquarium and pond servicing business, and has developed a solid reputation for service and dependability. Aquatech owner Harold Weiner, a native of Boston, has been living and working in the Los Angeles area for over thirty years. We proudly service the Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, South Bay, San Gabriel Valley, Pasadena and Long Beach areas.

Custom Aquariums.

If you are considering adding a bit of the “life aquatic” to your home or business, contact Aquatech for the best aquarium customizing services in the Greater Los Angeles area. We provide thorough services for those who want to add the attractive presence of an aquarium to their environment. The soothing experience of watching fish in motion can be yours within a reasonable time frame.

Look Through The Port Hole.

Your dreams can come true – watching underwater wildlife through your custom “bubble” aquarium. Design yours today.

Your New Centerpiece Aquarium

There are a wide variety of amazing ways in which we can bring the spectacle of a centerpiece or “cylinder” aquarium into your home or office environment.