About Aquatech Custom Aquariums

Since 1989, Aquatech Decorative Aquariums has been a leading aquarium and pond servicing business. Over the years, we have developed a reputation for dependability and service. Owner Harold Weiner, a native of Boston, has called the Los Angeles area home for over three decades. He takes pride in the way the business has grown into a leader in the specialty of aquarium services.

We believe that customer satisfaction is important to our business. We work to be sure that each client is pleased with the service we provide. We believe in long-term relationships, staying in touch with clients who have purchased one of our custom aquariums or ponds. When you deal with Aquatech, you are assured of punctuality and reliability from us.

We pride ourselves on our attention to our client’s needs and requirements. When we consult with you, we pay attention to what you describe as your ideal system. We then evaluate your space and provide you with options for the design that will be unique to you. We have created systems for everything from modest home aquariums to large, extravagant designer aquariums for businesses like Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills.

When we supply you with fish for your habitat, we guarantee them for up to 14 days, to make sure they properly acclimatize to their new home. We advise our clients on the challenges of keeping the more exotic fish. We make sure that you are fully informed about feeding habits. If you have questions, we have someone available to provide you with information.

Harold Weiner and his team at Aquatech await your call. We will introduce you to a fascinating world of fish-keeping. You can have the never-ending pleasure of an aquarium in your home or business in very short order. In fact, you can have a specially designed aquarium or pond that will be your unique expression. You will have the benefit of our expertise and experience when you contact us for your specialty aquarium.

CONTACT US AT (310) 251-7513 or email harold@aquatechaquariumservice.com to get started.