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Getting a new fish tank can be an exciting prospect. A local fish store can offer you any number of small, simple aquariums that do not take up much space. Such aquariums are easy to “install” in your home or apartment. But if you plan on getting more serious about having a full-blown aquarium in your environment, you can benefit from the expert aquarium installers at Aquatech Aquarium Services.

Size and Weight of Best Custom Aquarium Tank

One of the first considerations in choosing a new aquarium is how much space the tank will take up. There are several factors that are part of those considerations. The first of these is the size of the tank you plan on choosing. Although the volume of the aquarium is important, you also need to take into account how much area you will have with your water surface.

This is important, because the capacity for oxygen per fish is calculated by surface area. If you plan on having several fish in the tank, you need to know how much surface area will be required to make sure each fish gets enough oxygen. This calculation determines the size of the tank you may need. If you choose the size of your tank before you select the fish, an expert will be able to tell you the optimum number of fish the aquarium will be able to support.

Aquarium Installation

Once you know how large your aquarium will be, you will be able to select the best position for the tank. You will have to take into account how heavy the filled tank will be. Many people tend to forget that the water will actually have a specific weight: they will consider the weight of the pumps and other equipment needed for the system, and the weight of the stand for the tank, but they many not remember to take into account how much the water will weigh. An Aquatech expert can help you calculate the total weight of the installation. You might even consider a custom aquarium design to meet all these considerations.

Equipment For Your Custom Aquarium System

There are several types of specialized equipment that can be required for a healthy, functioning aquarium. There are different equipment requirements for freshwater tanks than there are for saltwater aquariums. A full explanation of what each piece of equipment does and why it might be needed can be had from us when you contact us about choosing your new aquarium.

Los Angeles Aquarium Installation & Maintenance Services

Some of the types of pieces of equipment you may need for aquarium maintenance are these:

  • Protein skimmer
  • Water circulation pump
  • Evaporation control system
  • Heater
  • Aquarium air pump

If you are new to fishkeeping, it is easy to become confused about the different types of pumps and what their functions are. The considerations on the equipment are the type of water in the aquarium, the size of the tank, and of course your budget for all these things. The advice of an expert can help you make the most effective choice for your new aquarium.

Placement of Aquarium Tank Area

When it comes time for the actual aquarium installation, there are various considerations in the placement of the tank. If you are having a large tank installed, you need to make sure the floor will support the sustained weight of the filled aquarium and all its attendant equipment. You do not want to have the floor warp under the pressure of the tank’s weight over a long period of time. Another consideration in the placement of your watery habitat is access to the support equipment for the aquarium.

Whether you perform your own maintenance on the aquarium or use an aquarium service, the person doing the work needs to be able to easily reach each piece of equipment.

The remaining aspects that can affect the placement of your tank are closeness to a power source and the presence of light. All of the equipment needs power to run, of course, so you need to be sure that the outlets near the aquarium can bear the power drain. You do not want to have your aquarium equipment shorting out the electrical circuits that support it. An Aquatech expert will be able to tell you if the wiring is sufficient for the needs of your aquarium. The play of natural light on the water can be a nice thing, but you need to check that your fishy inhabitants can thrive with regular direct sunlight. Some fish do need some shad and shadows in order to live well.

When you take advantage of the skills of Aquatech Aquarium Services, you are dealing with people who are into much more than aquarium sales. We bring you expert advice on fish selection, custom design of aquariums service and koi ponds, installation services as well as aquarium maintenance services. We are a full service aquarium business, and we are ready to consult with you when you are ready to start your entry to the fascinating world of fishkeeping.

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