Saltwater Aquariums

If you are seeking to enter the wonderful world of fishkeeping, Aquatech Aquarium Services can help you through the many choices you need to make, From choosing the appropriate aquarium fish to providing the equipment necessary to the maintenance of the watery environment, we can give you complete service.

Saltwater versus Freshwater Aquariums

One of the first decisions that you need to make when engaging in fishkeeping is whether or not you want a freshwater tank or one of several types of saltwater aquarium’s.  Saltwater tanks, or marine aquariums as they are also called, require different handling than the freshwater tanks. For one thing, a saltwater aquarium needs more equipment than systems for freshwater aquariums, to maintain the salinity and other qualities of the water for the marine environment. Additionally, the types of fish and other aquatic animals in a saltwater tank require greater maintenance.

The experts of Aquatech can help you make these choices, and can provide you with all the necessary equipment you will need for your beautiful saltwater aquarium. You can rely on our expertise in setting up a saltwater aquarium, and selecting the appropriate fish and plants and other inhabitants of the tank. We can also either coach you on the regular steps needed in handling the maintenance or provide that service on a contract basis.

History of Saltwater Aquariums Tanks

Though taking care of saltwater fish has its challenges, it is not a new hobby. Many cultures have taken an interest in keeping saltwater creatures for pleasure. Romans used Venetian glass jars as the first saltwater aquarium, keeping anemones outside, although as an aquarium system they couldn’t last very long. A similar approach was used by the Aztecs at Texcoco, where they built 10 saltwater pond aquariums. It took a while before someone could create a balanced marine aquarium, but in London in 1846 Anna Thynne managed to do so. She managed to maintain the saltwater environment with stony corals and seaweed for nearly three years.

With modern technology, of course, it is not so difficult to keep a marine aquarium in working order. Much more is known now about maintaining a marine environment than had been known before the 20th century. Although originally in the hobby natural saltwater collected from the oceans was thought to be the way to go, which of course, made things difficult for inland fish-keepers. We have the years of experience in building and maintaining custom aquariums. We can make sure that your experience with a saltwater aquarium is a long-lasting and potent one.

Selection of Fish

As you take your first steps in keeping a saltwater aquarium, one of the first things you will think about are the inhabitants you will spend your time watching. What sorts of fish do you want to enjoy?  We can help you make those selections. You want to choose fish that can live together in the tank amicably.

As fishkeeping saltwater species became more widely done in the 1950s, certain species have gained popularity as choices for aquariums. Early popular types have been the sergeant major damselfish, percula clownfish, jeweled blennies, and brackish-water pufferfish.
Aquatech Aquarium Services can help you choose from these other fish as well:

  • Angelfish
  • Butterfly Fish
  • Watchman Goby
  • Tangs
  • Firefish
  • Chalk Bass


By taking advantage of our services, you can populate your new saltwater aquarium with the most compatible fish available.

Choosing a Good Aquarium

When you are planning to set up a aquarium, don’t simply look for the least expensive tanks available in aquarium sales. You need to consider many elements together. What is the available space you have for your aquarium? How much will it weigh when filled with water, and can your home or office sustain that weight in the location you intend for it?

What type of fish and how many do you want to have in your aquarium? This question is important, because each fish requires a specific amount of surface area to be available: the individual fish to surface area calculation exists because surface area determines the amount of oxygen available in the water. An overpopulated tank will mean that there is not enough oxygen for all the residents. An expert in saltwater aquarium, such as our team, can help you plan for these considerations.

We can also help you with custom aquarium design for your tank. With modern materials available (like moldable acrylics), we are able to construct a unique aquarium that will fit your space and yet also provide the ideal habitat for your marine fish population. Our experts can take account of all the various factors necessary to give you the very best in aquarium design.

Equipment and Maintenance

There are many challenges with a saltwater aquarium that need to be considered. We can help you with each of these matters and provide you with the equipment necessary to deal with the challenges. The main issues that have to be monitored for saltwater tanks are salinity and chemical balance in the water, temperature of the water, and filtration of wastes in the water. Different fish species can require different temperatures and salinity levels, so you need to be aware of what your specific fish require, and then you need the equipment to keep the water in the best state for your fish.

Consulting with our experts will give you the benefit of our knowledge on both the best equipment and those that will best work with your budget concerns. Our object is to help you have the most effective and pleasurable saltwater aquarium possible.

And if you are concerned about the maintenance necessary to monitor the water conditions, we also make available aquarium maintenance service. Our service can be customized to your needs and budget, either having us do all maintenance or having us provide regular long term monitoring to make sure that your own efforts are not hurting your fish or habitat.

The Joys of Fishkeeping

Fishkeeping has been determined by psychologists to have genuine therapeutic and soothing effects on people. The serenity of the aquatic environment can provide hours of quiet fascination for the aquarium owner. When the owners select fish that give pleasure to the watchers, aquariums can become a beautiful center of focus in any room. Contact the experts at Aquatech Aquarium Services today and enter into the wonderful world of saltwater aquarium ownership.

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