Freshwater Aquarium

Since the era of the ancient Roman Empire, people have been enjoying the company of aquatic creatures in their living spaces, at first in small tanks containing goldfish that eventually incorporated a glass plane that resembled a freshwater aquarium. Surely, there is something fascinating and soothing about watching organisms much different than us swim about in a koi pond, freshwater or saltwater aquarium, or custom designed aquarium installation.

Freshwater tanks like acrylic tanks, glass tanks, or a professionally designed koi pond outside of your residence or within your place of business do not simply add elegance and aesthetic appeal to your living or work space. That is just one of the many benefits of having an aquarium installation.

Freshwater aquariums help human beings develop an appreciation and respect for different life forms. As we observe our aquatic friends gracefully swim through a pleasant looking tank or pond, our minds begin to calm, our cortisol levels (a hormone associated with stress) decrease, and our blood pressure begins to drop.

Elegant aquarium designs like a porthole tank or a centerpiece aquarium become a point of discussion for the guests or clients we welcome into our home or office. There is no denying that a freshwater aquarium offers a variety of benefits to our minds and bodies while enhancing the beauty of our spaces.

A custom designed koi pond in the office offers serenity – the noise of water flowing drowns out the hustle and bustle of work and somehow makes your place of employment seem more remote, a soothing feeling. Outside of your home, a pond offers you peace of mind with the addition of birds, butterflies, squirrels, dragonflies and frogs that will flock to it. You can enjoy the fact that you are bringing these animals closer to you, as well as helping them to survive.

However, setting up a freshwater tank or pond properly necessitates the help of an experienced professional to perform aquarium services. Someone new to the world of freshwater aquariums needs to take many factors into consideration, like keeping their setups out of direct sunlight – too much sunlight may cause harm to marine life.

For glass tanks or acrylic tanks as well as customized aquarium designs, the size of the tank must be appropriate for the specific fish you choose. Although many fish are quite content to live in a tank (many species remain within a few cubic feet their whole lives and relocate only when they need to), if the tank is too small, or of an unnatural shape for your aquatic friends, the fish you have chosen may not flourish.

You will also want an experienced professional to help you choose and obtain the correct fish and aquatic plants. Some fish tend to be aggressive and need to be accommodated accordingly, for example. The weight of the tank is an issue you will need assistance with as well: rocks, plants and wood in a freshwater aquarium all factor in to the support that will be needed for your tank.

The way you set up your freshwater tank may also effect the type of aquarium maintenance service required – live stones, pumps, filters, heaters and power heads all require upkeep. Custom aquariums are designed around the life you would like it to support. Fish found in lakes, rivers and other bodies of water all come from different habitats and have different physical, biological and chemical characteristics.

A professionally designed acrylic or glass tank will accommodate for these differences. An aquarium expert can present you with the proper access you will need to maintain your tank or pond, allowing you to easily care for your setup. In addition to this, the space underneath the aquarium requires good filtration and proper support equipment.

Indeed, creating a custom designed freshwater aquarium is half science and half art. Harold Weiner of Aquatech Aquarium Service, a Los Angeles aquarium service provider, has the professional experience, the passion, and the artistic flare to make your vision for that perfect aquarium setup or custom designed pond a reality.

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