Aquarium Sales

Aquatech knows aquarium maintenance better than anyone else in the Los Angeles area. Our many years of experience caring for hundreds of aquariums makes us the perfect choice for aquarium sales, too. Our custom aquarium designs assure you that your aquatic display will be one-of-a-kind.

Watching brightly colored tropical fish as they perform their underwater ballet has been shown to have a significant calming effect on people, according to studies published in the scientific journal Environment and Behavior. Adding a custom aquarium to an office setting can mellow out both the staff and visitors, which is especially useful if you have a waiting room. In the home, an aquarium is an endlessly fascinating and soothing addition to any kind of architecture and décor.

Aquatech can draw on many years of experience to design and build the perfect aquarium for you. The arrangement of interior features, the lighting, and the variety and number of fish can have a profound effect on the ultimate outcome of your custom aquarium installation. Let Aquatech give your aquarium design that wow factor that turns heads whenever anyone enters the room.

Design With the Future In Mind

Aquariums are a long-term commitment of time and money. Aquatech can help you achieve the aquarium of your dreams while still keeping an eye on future maintenance costs. We can guide you toward the correct combinations of tank, support, decorative reefs and plants, and freshwater or saltwater fish that will work together harmoniously and thrive in their new home.

Aquarium Sales With Everything You Need

Aquarium sales from Aquatech will include everything you’ll need to have a beautiful centerpiece aquarium in your home or office. Aquatech sells glass or acrylic aquariums in all sizes and shapes, and can advise you on the perfect accessories and equipment to go along with it. We even stock your aquarium with the perfect selection of fish, so it’s ready for viewing as soon as the job is complete.

No other aquarium sales company in the Los Angeles area can offer such a wide range of supplies and services to their customers. Our thirty-day guarantee on the aquarium fish we supply lets you know we stand behind our work, too.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Aquatech has constructed, stocked, maintained, and cleaned so many different types of aquariums that the sky’s the limit when it comes to your design. We’ll work along with you to make sure that the aquarium project is just right for the room it goes in and the effect you’re trying to achieve.

Other companies without Aquatech’s long experience in the business can’t deliver interesting designs they’re unfamiliar with. Our aquarium sales have included massive, centerpiece tanks that are in keeping with grand public spaces, but we also craft smaller, less imposing designs that will fit into a cozy nook for quiet contemplation.

Rely on Our Experience

Aquatech is familiar with aquariums made from any material, in almost any size or shape. We have stocked and cared for hundreds of different kinds of aquarium fish and plants. We know exactly how different fish interact with other fish and their surroundings. We can guide you to the best mix of plantings and underwater features so your fish will thrive while being displayed to the best advantage.

We’ll make sure that the tank, support, lighting, heaters, thermometers, filters, gravel, powerheads, pumps, and plants are chosen with an eye towards a long life and easy cleaning. That means a great-looking aquarium right away, and big savings going forward on tank maintenance.

Your Inspiration. Our Expertise. A Winning Combination

Aquatech’s aquarium sales make it easy for you to achieve the look you want. We’ll work with you to make your custom aquarium project a success at a price you can afford. We’re good listeners. Contact us today!

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