Traditional events in Beverly Hills are abundant. You can enjoy family fun in the parks, stroll down Rodeo Drive, or walk through the boulevards during the traditional festivals that mark various points in time. From May to October you can take part in the Santa Fe Trail ride, a stroll through the city’s historic Chinatown or tour some of the finest hotels in Beverly Hills during the Chinese New Year festival.

Many of the events In Beverly Hills are arranged by local rodeo organizers and are aimed at entertainment as well as educating the public about rodeo events and traditions. The bull riding event is the oldest continuous rodeo in California. It was held at the old St. Ignatius Loyola Rodeo and has been running ever since. The bulls are trained to jump over the fence and run a limited course up the mountains leading riders up the final ridge.

Festivals in Beverly Hills

Other events include western riding, antique car shows, cowboy festivals and workshops and live entertainment at local hotels. If you want to organize an event of your own, the rodeo organizers of St. Ignatius Loyola usually help with all the arrangements. There are also other local companies that help with the arrangements as well. These companies include the Beverly Hills Sports Ranch, the Century Amusement and Fitness Center, the St. Ignatius Golf and Country Club, the Santa Fe Trail Bazaar, the Beverly Hills Rodeo Center and the Beverly Hills Motorcycle rally.

Organizers arrange rodeo festivals every year in January and July. In the summer there are bronco riding and equestrian festivals. Several clubs in the area participate in the rodeo association.

Rodeo Drive on Beverly Hills is full of entertaining things to do

Outdoor Events

There are also a number of outdoor events like farmers’ markets, where visitors can buy fresh vegetables and fruits, baked goods, flowers, and locally made crafts. The St. Ignatius Carnival is one of the most famous rodeo fairs in California. It’s a week long festival of rodeo, music, and street vendors.

Another great tradition is the Beverly Hills Film Festival which is held every June. There are several film events like lectures and interviews with famous stars. This event is a major draw for tourists in the area. Some other traditional events include wine tasting, comedy performances, and special events like musical shows at the Lincoln Theatre or the Satellite Theatre.

Food festivals are popular in Beverly Hills. The Arts Fest is a month long series of cultural events and workshops organized by local organizations. There are theater productions, food festivals, and street fairs. For tourists, the St. Ignatius Wine Festival is an interesting and informative way to spend a day.

The most popular Beverly Hills events are probably going to be events like the Fashion Show or the Rosewood Amphitheater concerts. The concerts are also scattered throughout the local community throughout the rest of the year. Beverly Hills is truly one of the most beautiful places to visit. It offers a variety of experiences and events that will appeal to a wide variety of people.

Other traditional events include the Italian Food Festival and the Beverly Hills Grand Prix. You can also go to the Beverly Hills Veteran’s Memorial Day Weekend. Many tourists visit this area as well. Some of the events you can attend include the PGA Championship Golf Tournament and the Honda Classic.

While in Beverly Hills, you may also want to check out the L.A. Live Festival. This is a month long celebration of music, art, and culture that runs from April through June. Other events include the Santa Barbara Bowl and the UCLA Athletic Festival. The Santa Barbara Bowl is a semi-formal ball tournament, while the UCLA Athletic Festival is a week long showcase of sports and cultural events.

Many of the events mentioned here are celebrated during the week rather than during the holiday seasons. The weeklong festivals are quite popular with locals and tourists alike. They provide a chance to get away from it all and relax. Many times the events will also coincide with other events that are occurring in the area at the same time.

The Arts Festival was held on the last Friday of every November. This event is the perfect place for a business lunch or a special evening with friends. Many local restaurants offer special late rates during the Arts Festival. Other festivals celebrate various artistic traditions including folk arts, theater events, and other attractions.