History of Santa Monica Pier can be traced back to 1903. During that time, there were already a beach there and the Pier was designed with an ocean view in mind. It has since then evolved into a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike. If you are looking for a place where you can spend your weekend, then consider staying at the Santa Monica Pier. Here are some interesting facts about the history of Santa Monica Pier.

The Evolution of Santa Monica

History of Santa Monica Pier The evolution of Santa Monica Pier can be traced back to the third street Promenade. In the previous century, the Pier was established as a place where ships could dock before heading to the more distant ports. This was done so that shipping rates would be lower and thus more economical for business owners. The development of the Pier took several more years but finally turned into what we know today as the Santa Monica Pier. Today, the Pier serves as a popular recreation venue for people who love to spend their weekend sunbathing and strolling on the beach under a golden sky.

Third Street Promenade History Of The Santa Monica Pier, Third Street Promenade can trace its beginning back to when it was still known as Third Street Pier. The area was primarily used as a ship docking port. It was here that the first amusements arrived such as the first stagecoaches and a trolley system. Eventually, with the passage of time, the pier was converted into an official public park which featured numerous gardens, monuments, and architectural flourishes.

Santa Monica has so much to offer from the Santa Monica pier to the beaches. You'll always have something to do

Santa Monica New Architecture

Old And New Architecture While the majority of people who visit Santa Monica do so to observe the History of Santa Monica, few people actually know much about the old architecture of the place. Many old buildings have been renovated to serve as offices, shops, and restaurants. The transformation of old Santa Monica’s architecture can be traced back to the period when California gold prospectors headed to Santa Monica in the 1800s. As the gold rush brought more prosperity to the region, the city gained a reputation for its pioneering spirit and old buildings were erected all across the region to accommodate the influx of new entrepreneurs.

Famous Buildings

The most famous among these buildings is the old State Theater. Built in 1880, the theater was one of the first theaters in the entire country to be constructed using the new prefabricated building techniques. The structure has since then been restored to its original state and serves as a fascinating sight even today. However, due to its age, many of the features of the theater are no longer functional. However, modern technology has enabled the reconstruction of many old structures. In fact, you can now view some of the original features of this beautiful old hall.

Another attraction worth visiting is the Santa Monica Pier. With three World War Two vintage steel buildings and a replica of the Santa Monica Pier, it is the perfect place for tourists to take photos, relax, and enjoy the beautiful weather on this fascinating section of Los Angeles. While at the pier, you may also try surfing on the giant waves created by the Pacific Ocean.

Santa Monica theater

Attractions in Santa Monica

Besides the aforementioned attractions, the history of Santa Monica can also be explored through its museums. Of course, the famed Santa Monica Pier is among the most important attractions of the city, but there are many other historical landmarks in the area that you should not miss. In particular, you should definitely visit the City Hall, designed by Louis Sullivan for the first California mayor in 1906. Other notable landmarks include the Museum of Contemporary Art, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the Science Museum, designed by Philip Johnson, the Alva Coster Museum, designed by Francis Bacon and the Veteran’s Administration Building, designed by Thomas Segal.

While in Santa Monica, be sure to pay a visit to the Santa Monica Pier, which features many cafes, shops, and restaurants on its deck. It is also a great place for locals and tourists alike to take in the amazing sea views and the beautiful weather. After a day of shopping, head over to Legoland to check out the exciting rides and games. And while you’re there, don’t forget to take in the Santa Monica Zoo and the Santa Monica pier, which offer an abundance of activities for kids and adults. Whether you travel to Santa Monica to see the history or enjoy it yourself, there’s something fun and exciting to do here!