If you’re planning a trip to Los Angeles then there are some things that you should plan for. You want to make sure that you’re able to see everything that you want to in this great city. If you’re not familiar with the area then you might want to consider visiting the more popular tourist destinations that are found in the downtown area. There are many places to eat, drink and shop in this big city. You can also visit these cultural landmarks and places of interest with the ima of public transportation.

See the Museums

If you’re familiar with local culture then you’ll find that there are many museums that you can visit. Some of these museums include the Natural History Museum, The Gettysburg Address Site, the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Academy of Art, The Museum of Contemporary History, The Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles Science Center, The Museum of History and Phoenix Park. If you’re a history buff then you’ll find that these are some of the best museums to check out while you’re in town. You’ll find that they’re filled with tons of information about the city as well as the area.

Visit the museum of art

Visit Miracle Mile

Another thing that you should do while you’re in town is check out the Miracle Mile. This is a pedestrian walkway in downtown Los Angeles that’s made up of seven blocks of shops and restaurants. You can find fresh produce and seafood at these stores as well as many other items. It’s a great place to find something that will spark your creativity and bring you a variety of different foods.

For those that enjoy the beach there are a number of different beaches that you can visit in this area. The most popular beaches that you’ll find our Beaches, downtown Los Angeles Beach, Figena Park, Pacific Beach, Santa Monica Beach, and San Pedro. You can spend hours just taking in all of the beautiful natural beauty that the area has to offer. Most people that go to the beach typically come back year after year. There are a number of activities that you can participate in while you’re at the beach.

Another good idea is taking a self guided tour of the downtown area. There are tours that will take you through the shops and buildings while others will let you tour the beach. Either way you’ll find that these tours are both fun and informative. You may even find that you end up loving a particular place that you’ve been to on a tour of this area. Of course one of the most important parts of any trip to Los Angeles is the art scene. You can find several different places to see art in this area. You can go to the downtown area to check out the famous Museum of Contemporary Art or the Museum of Contemporary Arts. You can also head down to Santa Monica to check out the Walk of Fame. These are two great places for an interesting look at some of the best contemporary art in the world.

Visit the famous malls of Los Angeles

Of course there is no shortage of shopping in the downtown area as well. There are plenty of great malls to shop in this area as well as great shopping areas off of Sunset Blvd. Overall you should have no problem finding some great things to do while you’re in this area. Just make sure that you keep your eyes open when it comes to possible attractions in the area as well.

The city of Los Angeles truly is one of the best cities in the world. You should definitely take a trip down if you are ever in the area. You will be able to enjoy a beautiful day filled with natural beauty and discover many new things about this amazing city.