The world of custom aquarium design has exploded with the development of heavy duty acrylic panels.  Durable acrylic can be shaped with greater variety than glass. Where at one time, a custom aquarium needed to be made of heavy glass; flat, modern acrylic can almost always be molded to just about any

Considerations For a Custom Aquarium

Once the site of the custom aquarium has been evaluated by a professional designer, the actual designing can begin. When you are going to the expense of having a custom aquarium built, you need to make sure the setting will support the weight of the tank. You also need to assure that there is sufficient available power to supply the maintenance equipment. Whether for a business space or for a highlight in a residence, a specially designed aquarium can add a unique touch to the environment.

Popular Design Options

One popular design is a large cylinder aquarium. A cylindrical tank allows viewers to circle round the aquarium to get a full view of the habitat. It’s well suited for open areas like a lobby, or as a supporting structure. Both the diameter and height of the cylinder can be made to your specifications.

Another possibility with acrylic materials are arches through large standing tanks. Such designs allow viewers to have a tunnel-like experience of the inhabitants of the aquarium. Smaller arches can be used in constructing tanks with less volume, to create hollows in the shape of the aquarium.

For those with a sense of humor, a globe tank can become an attractive feature in any interior. It can give a new spin to the phrase “living in a goldfish bowl.” A large globe filled with beautiful tropical fish can become quite the conversation piece for any office waiting room or home family space.

Aquariums As Space Dividers

If you want to create a dazzling space divider, a unique aquarium would be the right choice. A carefully planned aquatic habitat can be an attractive way of creating separate space units. Both sides of it will have a view of the fish as they swim. A carefully designed aquarium will become a soothing presence in the newly divided space.

Expert Aquarium Design

Many options are available when it comes to having an aquarium custom designed for your particular space. Stretch your imagination and discuss the possibilities of your custom aquarium design with a professional – here at Aquatech Aquarium Service, we have over 20 years of experience and can help you design the perfect aquarium for any environment.  The ideal tank awaits you.