We all know having a “man cave” or personal space is important. It’s great to have somewhere to relax after a stressful day. As it turns out, the best way to relax in your man cave is to make it a fish room. Fish rooms can be help you relax in multiple ways. If you like to tend to your aquarium, you can spend many happy hours looking after your fish and plants. If you’d rather just enjoy watching the fish without all the work, you can hire an aquarium cleaning service to get all the benefits of having a fish room without most of the effort.

Studies on the effects of aquarium fish in your home have shown a surprising number of health benefits. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by having an aquarium in your man cave or den.

Reduced Blood Pressure

There is a demonstrated relationship between sitting near an aquarium and enjoying a large decrease in blood pressure. Interestingly, this effect is even observed when the aquarium is simply decorated with plants and other objects. Adding in some fish does increase the effect a great deal, of course.  There’s something about watching fish swimming back and forth that fascinates and soothes your mind.

Calming Effects

The underwater scene created by your custom aquarium has a naturally calming effect. It’s one of the reasons why aquariums have become standard in many waiting rooms. Waiting for an appointment can be stressful, and aquariums help keep you cool while you’re cooling your heels. People who are waiting for a dental appointment have been shown to feel much calmer when there’s an aquarium in the office, and they have even reported feeling less pain during their procedure because they’re more relaxed. That’s why having an aquarium in your man cave could even help you sleep better at night!

Reduced Stress

Watching your fish move is almost hypnotic. The movement of your fish will reduce stress and help relax your mind to remove the aggravation from your everyday problems. It’s hard to know exactly why it’s calming to watch fish while they swim. Some feel that because their comings and goings are totally random, it never gets boring, but because they swim so gently,  it doesn’t make you edgy to wonder what they’ll do next.

In addition to the medical benefits of having an aquarium, there are many other boons. Having an aquarium in your man cave or home is a great conversation starter. You’ll be able to talk for hours about the history and behavior of each of the fish in your aquarium. The best part is, no one has to know you skip the hard work by hiring an aquarium cleaning service.

If you invite your whole family into your man cave, your aquarium can also be a great learning opportunity for your children and their friends. There are a great many benefits children can get out of a fish tank. Like any pets, fish require regular attention and care, and children learn responsibility by learning to take care of them.

Encouraging Learning

An aquarium can stimulate your children’s natural curiosity and get them thinking about nature. Your fish tank can encourage learning in children from ages 2-14 with a variety of different activities. Younger children love to learn the basics of fish biology by watching the fish grow in the tank. In the same way, your fish tank can help your children learn their colors and counting. Very small children are delighted just to watch the fish going back and forth, and will giggle uncontrollably when the fish abruptly change course in the tank.

Instilling Responsibility

Letting your children help care for the fish in your aquarium helps them get the feeling of being responsible for someone or something other than themselves. It also helps with helps with emotional stability. Like adults, children receive all the health benefits of watching fish in your custom aquarium. But fish can also be a young child’s confidant. Children tend to treat all animals like friends, and letting them talk to the fish about their troubles is a harmless relief valve for them.  Fish will always listen, and they never judge.

An Aquarium Cleaning Service Makes It Easy

If you’re in the greater Los Angeles area, and you’d like to add a custom aquarium to your man cave, contact Aquatech Aquarium Service to find out how easy, affordable, and captivating it can be to set up and maintain your little piece of the ocean blue.