When you are ready to begin your new aquarium installation, it’s important to choose the right fish for your new saltwater aquarium. But how do you know which fish are the right ones to start your new tank? Here’s what to look for when choosing starter fish for your saltwater aquarium installation:

1. Choose Hardy Fish

When you first start your new custom aquarium, the condition of your water can change rapidly. That’s why aquarium installation experts recommend that you start with hardier species of saltwater fish for your new saltwater aquarium.  Fish that are more tolerant of changes in their environment will be less stressed about differences in water temperature and alkalinity.  As a result, these fish usually tend to live longer.

2. Select Fish That Are Resistant to Parasites

Aquarium installation experts agree that parasites such as ich, flukes, and tremotodes can be a nuisance to any custom aquarium. If your fish are stressed by other conditions, such as other aggressive fish or unsuitable water conditions, they are even more likely to ‘catch’ an infection. There are no fish that are immune to these invaders. However, there are certain saltwater fish that are more resistant to these parasites than other fish.

Saltwater fish such as Mollies and Damsels have been known to be more resistant to these pesky parasites than other saltwater fish. That’s not necessarily a good reason to stock your tank with them. For a new aquarium, an aquarium installation expert may recommend that you avoid starter fish like Damselfish because they can be quite aggressive.  You may want to avoid Powder Blue/Brown Tang fish as they tend to be more prone to infection from parasites like ich.

3. Pick Fish That Are Compatible With Everything In Your Saltwater Aquarium

These fish will probably be the first fish in your custom aquarium.  So you’ll want to choose fish that are peaceful and get along well with other fish. Getting along doesn’t just means that they don’t try to eat all the other fish. Fish that are non-aggressive will be less apt to harass other fish both during the day and at feeding time. Some fish are very territorial, and will harass any fish that comes near them, including fish that are bigger than they are. Other fish are greedy eaters and will try to gobble every morsel you put in the tank at feeding time, and will fight the other fish for it, too. Avoiding aggressive and territorial fish help reduces the stress among all the fish you put in your saltwater aquarium.

4. Choose Fish That Are Inexpensive To Maintain

Saltwater fish vary greatly in the cost per fish. You may not want to choose the most inexpensive fish you can find for your saltwater aquarium. However, choosing a relatively inexpensive fish can help save costs in the long run. Generally, the more exotic and rare the fish, the more expensive it is. Some fish have sold for as much as $400,000!

5. Select Vibrant Fish To Make Your Aquarium Installation Look Its Best

Unless your aquarium is gigantic, the number of fish in your aquarium is bound to be fairly limited. Since you can only fit so many fish in your saltwater aquarium, it’s smart to make each one count. It’s tempting to buy a handful of inexpensive, drab fish to get your aquarium going when you’re on a budget. However, in the long run, your aquarium will be much more interesting if you select each fish for maximum visual interest. Remember, some fish are brightly colored, but shy about swimming in the open areas of your tank. Choose some fish that are fast swimmers to get a good mix.

6. Get a Mix of Personalities

Schools of identical fish look great when they swim back and forth in your aquarium. However, too much of one thing quickly gets boring to look at. Different species of fish look different, of course, but they also act differently as they make their way around your saltwater aquarium. Choose a good mix of “personalities” to add interest to the action in the tank. Mix bold and timid fish, and fast and slow swimmers to ensure a constantly changing aqua

Get Expert Advice From Aquarium Installation Experts

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