Have you been looking at an old tank, wishing you could give it a new look? With the help of your local Culver City aquarium service, your dream can be a reality. You’ll find that you can update your tank easily. These seven tips will have your old tank looking like the first time you set it up.

Completely Empty Your Aquarium

Giving your aquarium a full cleaning isn’t something that happens often due to planning. If your aquarium is active and populated it means re-homing your fish and plant life while you drain and clean your aquarium. However, as any Culver City aquarium service will tell you, a deep cleaning goes a long way to making your tank feel brand new all over.

Only Replace the Hardware You Have to

Most of your behind-the-scenes equipment, like your filter and pump won’t need to be replaced. Look at each piece of hardware and decide if it still works. You should also check if there is a newer design that works better. There’s no reason to spend money to replace your working equipment.

Make Plans for Your New Design

Before you start buying and replacing pieces of your tank, take some time to really think about what you want from it. The internet is full of aquarium ideas that can get you started in your direction. Additionally, you can get lots of ideas from an experienced Culver City aquarium service that has seen and done it all.

Consider Moving or Housing Your Tank

Tank placement should be considered as part of your planning stage. Simply moving your tank can make it feel new again. In addition to moving your tank, you could consider putting it into custom furniture like a cabinet. Even more unique, you could place your tank in your wall for that sleek, clean look. Changing the location or housing can be a huge step in updating your tank.

Choose New Substrate, Plants, and Fish Shelters for Your Tank

Most of the look of your tank, besides the fish, comes from the accessories you chose to include. You can make your tank look completely different simply by putting new plants in it. If your tank is tropical themed, try making it look like the bottom of a lake. Your background change will definitely make it feel completely new.

Consider New Species

The next step in freshening your tank design is to consider new animals. If you want your tank to feel new, completely changing the fish inside will get that done. However, remember that if you decide you’re going to replace your fish, you should donate your old fish to someone who will love them.

Look into Your Lights

If your tank setup is older, newer lights, like LED lighting can change your entire tank’s look. With LED lights, you’ll see your tank in a crisper, cleaner light. Your Culver City aquarium service can help you pick the perfect lighting setup for your tank.

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